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Review for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

We were all wondering what happened to Crash Bandicoot. It used to be Play Station’s big mascot and then just went into thin air. Fortunately, the beloved franchise came back. But, are the fans pleased with the return?


Remaster of the Games


Vast majority of fans probably hoped for an entirely new adventure. Those fans may be disappointed. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is not a new game. Yes, that’s right. Instead of making a new game, they remastered three old games. It includes the first one, Cortex Strikes Back and Warped. But they have done that properly. This is almost like a new experience. Backgrounds are so beautiful! New technology definitely made it look much better. It’s full of such a large number of amazing details. Vicarious Visions did a good job with this part of the game. True fans will be pleased with it.


No Changes


There also bad sides. They didn’t change anything. The gameplay is still the same. That’s not a bad thing for younger generations who have just discovered this game but it’s a little bit of disappointment for old fans of the game. There is no thrill. Everything’s just the same -same path, same way of fighting, same rules.


It’s Pretty Hard


If you thought that this one will be an easy game to play, you’re wrong. It’s not easy at all, my friends! It’s not hard to learn the gameplay but it takes a lot to be good at it. We’ll give you some tips.


You’ll need to learn and remember where your enemies are. You’ll find them hidden in a lot of different places. You need to be careful, ‘cause if you get hit, you’ll need to start the level again. There’s an option for getting the extra life. You could break apple crates and you will get extra life if you collect enough apples. Also, if you collect the Aku Aku mask, it will take the hit for you. In case you get three masks, you’ll become invisible. You could certainly use that option.


Cortex Strikes Back and Warped are easier and more fun to play than the first one, especially Warped. This one is such a fun! There are a few different vehicles Crash can use and that helps making the game more interesting.


Some New Things


They made some small and helpful changes. They added more checkpoints which is a big help. With more checkpoints there is no need for restarting the level. Another new good thing is the ability to save the game manually. So, if you want to stop playing, you can manually stop and save the game and later continue playing without starting over.


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It is great that Crash Bandicoot came back. It’s a real pleasure to play this wonderful game again. It would be much better if they made a real sequel with a new adventure but we love it this way too and also hope we’ll be able to play the new Crash soon.

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Microsoft Promises Cross Play on PS\Xbox Games

The great news is coming from Microsoft. You’re probably familiar with its Xbox Play Anywhere initiative. Well, we’re glad to announce they went even further with the idea. Their team is currently working on some pretty great things. Within a year or so, games such as Sea of Thieves, Forza Motorsport 7, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition and many other good games, will be available on Windows 10. The developers are working on games so they could make them available for Xbox and Microsoft 10 both. They’re doing their best to make it functioning well.


The goal is to offer the same experience on PS and Xbox. While many of gamers would probably have strong arguments why their chosen platform is the best, we must agree that gaming has become very universal. Most games today are multi – platform. And game developers should respect that. That is why the idea of making the games played equally good on PC and Xbox is a great one. We should hope that this idea will come to life soon. Let’s hear some more on the subject.


It’s Not an Easy Task


It may look to us like an easy job to do, but sometimes things are not going so smoothly. On the contrary, developing some games for PS is being pretty hard. Some of them are pretty complex and require very much even with lowering the demands. Some machines can’t support the necessities of more complex games. It’s not an easy task to make it play the same on both platforms.


Kevin Unangst, the senior director for PC gaming at Xbox said:


“We look at things like DOTA and League of Legends, and there’s a fairly mainstream PC that the vast majority of audiences play on,” Unangst explained. “It’s [an Intel Core i5] machine. We’re seeing movement toward discrete GPUs, but [gamers] even play on integrated graphics cards.”


Microsoft says that their goal is to respect every gamer and every PC while preserving what makes a PS special. Sometimes there isn’t just one general solution and a single answer.


That’s certainly good news for those gamers who are playing on PC with less stronger hardware. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that Microsoft neglected those who can afford more powerful PC. Regarding that subject, Kevin Unangst said:


“You want to throw in dual GPUs, we’ll take advantage of it.”


That looks like a pretty good deal to us. Those with better machines will be able to use its abilities to go further.


PC Exclusives


Some of the games are even PS exclusives. That’s the case with the Age of Empires: Definitive Edition. This special game won’t have its Xbox equal. That means only PC gamers will be able to play it. That’s certainly an interesting choice.


We are definitely looking forward to seeing this idea alive. We can just hope for the best and be patient until Forza Motorsport 7 and Sea of Thieves come out.


iPhone 8 News and Rumors Upon Release

Release Date: September 2017 or later this year. iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus will probably release in September and that leaves the question about iPhone 8. Maybe a little bit later than September (October or November) but definitely before Black Friday.


Price: More than the normal $649 (£599, AU$1,079).


We are so excited about the new iPhone 8. There are so many rumors suggesting this newest release will bring many changes to the device. We’ll have to be patient for a few more months, but let’s present you some facts and rumors that are known to us at this point.


It’s Apple smartphone’s tenth anniversary. That will probably be the cause for the one of the greatest iPhone devices in years.


We call it iPhone 8. It probably won’t be called like that. We can rule that one out. Maybe it will be iPhone X and iPhone Edition.




There are some rumors that one of the biggest changes will be an AMOLED display replacing the ordinary IPS LCD. It’s going to be a little curved instead of the usual flat screen. Some of the benefits of an AMOLED display include more vibrant colors and better contrast. This is just a rumor. Apple may not include an AMOLED display at all or maybe save it just for one version. We’ll have to wait and see.




iPhone 8 will definitely be larger than its predecessors. But the question is how large is it going to be? Some speculations are that the new screen is going to be about 5.8 inch size.


Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor


There are also some rumors that the home button is going to be left out. Instead of the physical button, it’s going to have the Touch ID fingerprint sensor into the screen itself.


3D Face – Sacanning Sensor


The other rumor says that iPhone 8 won’t have the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Instead, they will offer us a 3D face – scanning sensor. It will unlock the device and be used for money transactions.


A New Design


There have been some hints about a new design. It certainly hasn’t been confirmed yet, but there are some rumors that it will contain a curved glass back. Will the aluminum iPhone go to history? There is a possibility that only high – end iPhone 8 Plus will have this kind of design. Other, more affordable, may keep the old design.


There are some rumors that a new iPhone 8 will be more waterproof.


iPhone 8 Camera


One of the biggest innovations Apple may bring us is a camera with AR features (augmented reality). What is it exactly? Let us explain this to you on plain and simple. Imagine you’re at the show or a game and you want to find your seats. All you would have to do is to look on your phone. He will find it for you. Pretty helpful, isn’t it?


Also, it may include a vertically-oriented dual-camera lens and a 3D camera.




There are some suggestions it may contain two batteries. That’s a tough one, but we’ll see.


Also, what would be a revolution when it comes to phones is a wireless charging. Will it finally be possible with new iPhone 8?


Transition to iOS 11


Transition from iOS 10 to iOS 11, which is almost certainly going to happen, will bring some improvements to Apple Store, iMessages and Apple Pay.


Also, there have been some rumors that all iPhone 8 will have a 3 GB RAM. Some others speculate that iPhone 8 will have 2 GB and iPhone 8 Plus will offer a better RAM.


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Five New Racing Games in 2017 – 2018

Every fan of racing games is anxious to see which new games we can expect in the months to come. Not many things could measure with the adrenaline and feeling of blood pumping faster through our veins while driving a great car in the maximum speed. Well, while playing a game, at least. Let’s see what games we can expect and be excited for. We made a list of our favorite 5 racing games coming out in 2017 – 2018. The game that is not on the list but we would like to suggest you is CSR Racing 2. (CSR RACING 2: Tips, Tricks and Few Strategies!)


Need for Speed: Payback


Need for Speed is finally back. They are still working on it but as we could hear and see, it’s going to be pretty great. Release date is November 10th. Also, some changes will come with the new game. Need for Speed: Payback will have day – night cycle and players will be able to play it offline. The visuals are amazing and better than ever. By the side of street racing, this one is going to be about hijacking cars and running away from the police. That sounds exciting, doesn’t it?


Forza Motorsport 7


We just can’t get enough of Forza Motorsport. This game is always a big and interesting adventure. Also, Microsoft announced great news. At the same time, the developers are working on the game so they could make it available for Xbox and Microsoft 10 both. This is promising and we hope this will happen.


Forza Motorsport 7 is promised to be a great racing experience. It will offer us the real and unique feel. 4K HDR gameplay certainly will make it better. That sounds promising. We’re super excited.


The Crew 2


Who can wait until 2018 to try this one? We definitely can’t. The Crew 2 is going to be even better than the first one. We can bet! It already offers large number of vehicles players can use but the list will be expanded. Yes, you heard right. Not only you can ride cars, motorbikes, monster tracks, you will get a chance to use planes and boats also. What a great addition!


Gran Turismo Sport


Gran Turismo Sport is being developed for PS and PC VR. The exact release date is not known yet, but we can expect it in the following months. Interesting news is that Porche will have its debut in the game. We’re looking forward to playing the Gran Turismo Sport and enjoying its amazing and beautiful graphics.


Project Cars 2


The expected release date for the game is September 22. What can we expect from this sequel? We’re sure it’s going to be up to the task. The game offers 24 day – night cycles and more than 170 cars and 60 locations. Some new motorsport classes are included. Some of them are Rallycross, IndyCar and Oval. We’re ready for more realistic races. Project Cars 2 will bring us that for sure.


That was our choice for the best new 2017 – 2018 racing games. There are more good games out there, we’re sure, but these ones are the top – notch. Be sure to try these when they come out and let us know how you liked them.

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CSR Racing 2: Tips, Tricks and Few Strategies!



NaturalMotion and Zynga finally released a sequel to its successful predecessor CSR Racing. Every fan of drag racing has been excited about this news. You’re probably anxious to try the CSR Racing 2. Generally speaking, we can say that the main things stayed the same. Well, the basics are the same, but there are a few differences which can make playing this game a little bit confusing from time to time. Luckily, we’re here to help you. We bring you tips, tricks and a few strategies. Read our tips carefully and be sure to use them in your game. Buckle up and start racing!




CSR Racing 2 offers you five levels of upgrades. If you want your car to be faster, you’ll have to upgrade it. You need to spend money or gold for upgrading, just as the last time. That’s the case with five stages. With a sixth level, you need to win the special car part in order to go upgrade and go faster. When it comes to the first three stages, there’s no problem upgrading immediately. But when you need to install imported parts you’ll have to wait a little bit. That happens in levels four and five. They made it a little bit difficult with those levels. You can wait but there is also a way to avoid waiting. You can just use gold and get on with it immediately. That’s for those with less patience.If you’re one of them, you should definitely check out this generator. It’s the easy way to get free gold and cash for CSR2!


It’s good to know that you can improve your vehicle by adding some fusion parts. After upgrading, you should install items named the fusion parts. They can make a big difference between the same car brands. It’s not about your car’s potential. No, it’s about some other things. Fusion parts can help you have better performance than other vehicle which is the same brand as yours. They are linked to brands not models. That means you could use the certain fusion part on different BMW models. For example, you could use Tier 2 BMW in a Tier 3 BMW if you wish so.


The Green


If you want a great start, you’ll have to keep the needle in a green area on the tachometer. The green area is your new friend. When you find yourself in the highest speed, you’ll need to watch for the green again. The needle mustn’t get back in the green area. Also, keep in mind that the same approach doesn’t work the same on every vehicle. You will have to test it and find a new technique if the previous one doesn’t apply on a new car. Maybe it’s not bad to try over – revving and timing it. It may help you.


The Tune Option


When you upgrade your car at the Level 2, you’ll be in control of a few interesting things. You’ll have the tune option. The icon looks like a spark plug and it’s placed at the bottom of the garage navigation. You could really use this one. It could help you a lot. Some of the options it provides you are the following:


  • Final Drive – This one allows you to work with the gear ratio. It’s available at Stage 4.
  • Nitrous Oxide – By using this option you can work on the nitro burst. Nitrous Oxide comes with the Level 2.
  • Tire Pressure – When you come to Stage 3, you’ll get some new possibilities with tires and speed.


Not every car is the same, so these options won’t work the same on every vehicle you drive. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the right choice. It’s up to you how you will combine them. A certain combination could add or take away from the car’s potential. You should try them all out to see which one works the best for you.


CSR Racing 2 offers different races. Some of them are a half – mile, others a quarter – mile. That entails different approach. Certainly, you cannot have the same tactic and plan for such a different races. Those shorter ones require top speed from the start till the end. There is not so much time so you need to be the fastest all the time if you want victory. Well, whose goal isn’t the victory? With a half – mile races you’ll need a different maneuver. You’ll have to play it smarter. It’s better to save your strength for the final miles. Regarding that, you need to tune your car for the specific needs of the race. That will depend on the type of the race.


Join a Crew


They added a new possibility. Players are now able to join crews. Well, you’re not obliged to but there are no bad consequences for joining, so you should try. You could benefit from it. There are certainly a few perks of being a part of a crew. Crew members will all work to achieve the same goals. It’s for the benefit of a crew and your own as a part of the crew. There are no special requirements for being a part of the crew. It’s just playing the game that helps the crew.


Live racing


Our advice is to try this new option. Yes, live racing means racing with other players. It may sound frightening but it really isn’t so bad. What’s the worst thing that can happen? You can lose. So what? Also, you can win and find some rare cars. It’s one of the perks. That’s a great opportunity. We think it’s definitely worth a risk. You don’t have to worry about money even. It’s up to you to decide are you going to bet some in – game cash. It’s not mandatory.


We hope you’ll use some of our tips and make your racing more productive and more fun. Be sure to try the CSR Racing 2. You will have a blast while playing this game. Now that you have all catches of the game, it would be even better. Enjoy your car racing and don’t try any of this in the real life.

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7 Best Mobile Racing Games

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There’s something in racing games that makes us wanting to play them over and over again. Is that the adrenaline, our competitive nature, need for speed or something else that makes them so addictive? We made a list of seven best racing games you can play on your mobile.


Need for Speed: No Limits (Android, iOS)

Need for Speed: No Limits is available for Android and iOS devices both. And it’s also free. It gives you short but challenging races. You have to play smart in order to have a good race and to win. Especially play it smart when it comes to using your nitro.


Fast & Furious: Legacy (Android, iOS)

If you liked Fast & Furious movies, there’s no reason not to try this game. This one is good and fun action game. You will race with movie faces and be able to collect more than 50 adaptable vehicles. Fast & Furious: Legacy offers you a good adventure.


SBK 14 (Android, iOS) (Free, Premium version unlock)

This one is a superb mobile racing game. It’s the official game of the Superbike World Championship. It has nine control modes, even virtual joysticks. You can choose what kind of action you are interested in. For example, the game offers championships and quick races. It depends on your mood what kind of adventure you will choose. While racing, you can play the role of some of the greatest riders such as Tom Sykes, Fabien Foret and Imre Toth. Also, you’ll enjoy smooth graphics and magnificent racetracks.


AG Drive

This one is a little different than the previous ones on our list. AG Drive is set in a sci – fi future. It comes with various modes. As you go further and win more races, you’ll be able to buy or upgrade your vehicles.


Motosport Manager (Androi, iOS) ($ 2.99)

If you like racing games but don’t want to be behind the wheel, Motosport Manager is a perfect game for you. You will enjoy great races but not as a driver but as a manager of your team. You’ll be in control of picking drivers and improving your vehicles. Also, you’ll be in charge of choosing the best strategies for your racing team.


Real Racing 3 (Android, iOS) (Free)

Every fan of racing games should try this beautiful game. It offers you to feel as a real driver in a real world. Well, as real as it can get in a racing game. It offers players real – world cars and real – world tracks. This is a fantastic game. It comes with a plenty of game modes and it is constantly allowing you to new options (new cars and racing events, to name a few).


GT Racing 2 (Android, iOS) (Free)

Similar to the Real Racing 3, this game also offers a real life experience. You can try classic races, multiplayer races or enjoy numerous game modes. It has beautiful and smooth graphics even allowing you to experience weather effects.

If you like these games and you are addicted to speed and excitement, you should also try CSR Racing 2. (CSR Racing 2: Tips, Tricks and Few Strategies!)