Review for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

We were all wondering what happened to Crash Bandicoot. It used to be Play Station’s big mascot and then just went into thin air. Fortunately, the beloved franchise came back. But, are the fans pleased with the return?


Remaster of the Games


Vast majority of fans probably hoped for an entirely new adventure. Those fans may be disappointed. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is not a new game. Yes, that’s right. Instead of making a new game, they remastered three old games. It includes the first one, Cortex Strikes Back and Warped. But they have done that properly. This is almost like a new experience. Backgrounds are so beautiful! New technology definitely made it look much better. It’s full of such a large number of amazing details. Vicarious Visions did a good job with this part of the game. True fans will be pleased with it.


No Changes


There also bad sides. They didn’t change anything. The gameplay is still the same. That’s not a bad thing for younger generations who have just discovered this game but it’s a little bit of disappointment for old fans of the game. There is no thrill. Everything’s just the same -same path, same way of fighting, same rules.


It’s Pretty Hard


If you thought that this one will be an easy game to play, you’re wrong. It’s not easy at all, my friends! It’s not hard to learn the gameplay but it takes a lot to be good at it. We’ll give you some tips.


You’ll need to learn and remember where your enemies are. You’ll find them hidden in a lot of different places. You need to be careful, ‘cause if you get hit, you’ll need to start the level again. There’s an option for getting the extra life. You could break apple crates and you will get extra life if you collect enough apples. Also, if you collect the Aku Aku mask, it will take the hit for you. In case you get three masks, you’ll become invisible. You could certainly use that option.


Cortex Strikes Back and Warped are easier and more fun to play than the first one, especially Warped. This one is such a fun! There are a few different vehicles Crash can use and that helps making the game more interesting.


Some New Things


They made some small and helpful changes. They added more checkpoints which is a big help. With more checkpoints there is no need for restarting the level. Another new good thing is the ability to save the game manually. So, if you want to stop playing, you can manually stop and save the game and later continue playing without starting over.


cbnt screenshot



It is great that Crash Bandicoot came back. It’s a real pleasure to play this wonderful game again. It would be much better if they made a real sequel with a new adventure but we love it this way too and also hope we’ll be able to play the new Crash soon.

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