iPhone 8 News and Rumors Upon Release

Release Date: September 2017 or later this year. iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus will probably release in September and that leaves the question about iPhone 8. Maybe a little bit later than September (October or November) but definitely before Black Friday.


Price: More than the normal $649 (£599, AU$1,079).


We are so excited about the new iPhone 8. There are so many rumors suggesting this newest release will bring many changes to the device. We’ll have to be patient for a few more months, but let’s present you some facts and rumors that are known to us at this point.


It’s Apple smartphone’s tenth anniversary. That will probably be the cause for the one of the greatest iPhone devices in years.


We call it iPhone 8. It probably won’t be called like that. We can rule that one out. Maybe it will be iPhone X and iPhone Edition.




There are some rumors that one of the biggest changes will be an AMOLED display replacing the ordinary IPS LCD. It’s going to be a little curved instead of the usual flat screen. Some of the benefits of an AMOLED display include more vibrant colors and better contrast. This is just a rumor. Apple may not include an AMOLED display at all or maybe save it just for one version. We’ll have to wait and see.




iPhone 8 will definitely be larger than its predecessors. But the question is how large is it going to be? Some speculations are that the new screen is going to be about 5.8 inch size.


Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor


There are also some rumors that the home button is going to be left out. Instead of the physical button, it’s going to have the Touch ID fingerprint sensor into the screen itself.


3D Face – Sacanning Sensor


The other rumor says that iPhone 8 won’t have the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Instead, they will offer us a 3D face – scanning sensor. It will unlock the device and be used for money transactions.


A New Design


There have been some hints about a new design. It certainly hasn’t been confirmed yet, but there are some rumors that it will contain a curved glass back. Will the aluminum iPhone go to history? There is a possibility that only high – end iPhone 8 Plus will have this kind of design. Other, more affordable, may keep the old design.


There are some rumors that a new iPhone 8 will be more waterproof.


iPhone 8 Camera


One of the biggest innovations Apple may bring us is a camera with AR features (augmented reality). What is it exactly? Let us explain this to you on plain and simple. Imagine you’re at the show or a game and you want to find your seats. All you would have to do is to look on your phone. He will find it for you. Pretty helpful, isn’t it?


Also, it may include a vertically-oriented dual-camera lens and a 3D camera.




There are some suggestions it may contain two batteries. That’s a tough one, but we’ll see.


Also, what would be a revolution when it comes to phones is a wireless charging. Will it finally be possible with new iPhone 8?


Transition to iOS 11


Transition from iOS 10 to iOS 11, which is almost certainly going to happen, will bring some improvements to Apple Store, iMessages and Apple Pay.


Also, there have been some rumors that all iPhone 8 will have a 3 GB RAM. Some others speculate that iPhone 8 will have 2 GB and iPhone 8 Plus will offer a better RAM.


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