CSR Racing 2: Tips, Tricks and Few Strategies!



NaturalMotion and Zynga finally released a sequel to its successful predecessor CSR Racing. Every fan of drag racing has been excited about this news. You’re probably anxious to try the CSR Racing 2. Generally speaking, we can say that the main things stayed the same. Well, the basics are the same, but there are a few differences which can make playing this game a little bit confusing from time to time. Luckily, we’re here to help you. We bring you tips, tricks and a few strategies. Read our tips carefully and be sure to use them in your game. Buckle up and start racing!




CSR Racing 2 offers you five levels of upgrades. If you want your car to be faster, you’ll have to upgrade it. You need to spend money or gold for upgrading, just as the last time. That’s the case with five stages. With a sixth level, you need to win the special car part in order to go upgrade and go faster. When it comes to the first three stages, there’s no problem upgrading immediately. But when you need to install imported parts you’ll have to wait a little bit. That happens in levels four and five. They made it a little bit difficult with those levels. You can wait but there is also a way to avoid waiting. You can just use gold and get on with it immediately. That’s for those with less patience.If you’re one of them, you should definitely check out this generator. It’s the easy way to get free gold and cash for CSR2!


It’s good to know that you can improve your vehicle by adding some fusion parts. After upgrading, you should install items named the fusion parts. They can make a big difference between the same car brands. It’s not about your car’s potential. No, it’s about some other things. Fusion parts can help you have better performance than other vehicle which is the same brand as yours. They are linked to brands not models. That means you could use the certain fusion part on different BMW models. For example, you could use Tier 2 BMW in a Tier 3 BMW if you wish so.


The Green


If you want a great start, you’ll have to keep the needle in a green area on the tachometer. The green area is your new friend. When you find yourself in the highest speed, you’ll need to watch for the green again. The needle mustn’t get back in the green area. Also, keep in mind that the same approach doesn’t work the same on every vehicle. You will have to test it and find a new technique if the previous one doesn’t apply on a new car. Maybe it’s not bad to try over – revving and timing it. It may help you.


The Tune Option


When you upgrade your car at the Level 2, you’ll be in control of a few interesting things. You’ll have the tune option. The icon looks like a spark plug and it’s placed at the bottom of the garage navigation. You could really use this one. It could help you a lot. Some of the options it provides you are the following:


  • Final Drive – This one allows you to work with the gear ratio. It’s available at Stage 4.
  • Nitrous Oxide – By using this option you can work on the nitro burst. Nitrous Oxide comes with the Level 2.
  • Tire Pressure – When you come to Stage 3, you’ll get some new possibilities with tires and speed.


Not every car is the same, so these options won’t work the same on every vehicle you drive. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the right choice. It’s up to you how you will combine them. A certain combination could add or take away from the car’s potential. You should try them all out to see which one works the best for you.


CSR Racing 2 offers different races. Some of them are a half – mile, others a quarter – mile. That entails different approach. Certainly, you cannot have the same tactic and plan for such a different races. Those shorter ones require top speed from the start till the end. There is not so much time so you need to be the fastest all the time if you want victory. Well, whose goal isn’t the victory? With a half – mile races you’ll need a different maneuver. You’ll have to play it smarter. It’s better to save your strength for the final miles. Regarding that, you need to tune your car for the specific needs of the race. That will depend on the type of the race.


Join a Crew


They added a new possibility. Players are now able to join crews. Well, you’re not obliged to but there are no bad consequences for joining, so you should try. You could benefit from it. There are certainly a few perks of being a part of a crew. Crew members will all work to achieve the same goals. It’s for the benefit of a crew and your own as a part of the crew. There are no special requirements for being a part of the crew. It’s just playing the game that helps the crew.


Live racing


Our advice is to try this new option. Yes, live racing means racing with other players. It may sound frightening but it really isn’t so bad. What’s the worst thing that can happen? You can lose. So what? Also, you can win and find some rare cars. It’s one of the perks. That’s a great opportunity. We think it’s definitely worth a risk. You don’t have to worry about money even. It’s up to you to decide are you going to bet some in – game cash. It’s not mandatory.


We hope you’ll use some of our tips and make your racing more productive and more fun. Be sure to try the CSR Racing 2. You will have a blast while playing this game. Now that you have all catches of the game, it would be even better. Enjoy your car racing and don’t try any of this in the real life.

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