7 Best Mobile Racing Games

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There’s something in racing games that makes us wanting to play them over and over again. Is that the adrenaline, our competitive nature, need for speed or something else that makes them so addictive? We made a list of seven best racing games you can play on your mobile.


Need for Speed: No Limits (Android, iOS)

Need for Speed: No Limits is available for Android and iOS devices both. And it’s also free. It gives you short but challenging races. You have to play smart in order to have a good race and to win. Especially play it smart when it comes to using your nitro.


Fast & Furious: Legacy (Android, iOS)

If you liked Fast & Furious movies, there’s no reason not to try this game. This one is good and fun action game. You will race with movie faces and be able to collect more than 50 adaptable vehicles. Fast & Furious: Legacy offers you a good adventure.


SBK 14 (Android, iOS) (Free, Premium version unlock)

This one is a superb mobile racing game. It’s the official game of the Superbike World Championship. It has nine control modes, even virtual joysticks. You can choose what kind of action you are interested in. For example, the game offers championships and quick races. It depends on your mood what kind of adventure you will choose. While racing, you can play the role of some of the greatest riders such as Tom Sykes, Fabien Foret and Imre Toth. Also, you’ll enjoy smooth graphics and magnificent racetracks.


AG Drive

This one is a little different than the previous ones on our list. AG Drive is set in a sci – fi future. It comes with various modes. As you go further and win more races, you’ll be able to buy or upgrade your vehicles.


Motosport Manager (Androi, iOS) ($ 2.99)

If you like racing games but don’t want to be behind the wheel, Motosport Manager is a perfect game for you. You will enjoy great races but not as a driver but as a manager of your team. You’ll be in control of picking drivers and improving your vehicles. Also, you’ll be in charge of choosing the best strategies for your racing team.


Real Racing 3 (Android, iOS) (Free)

Every fan of racing games should try this beautiful game. It offers you to feel as a real driver in a real world. Well, as real as it can get in a racing game. It offers players real – world cars and real – world tracks. This is a fantastic game. It comes with a plenty of game modes and it is constantly allowing you to new options (new cars and racing events, to name a few).


GT Racing 2 (Android, iOS) (Free)

Similar to the Real Racing 3, this game also offers a real life experience. You can try classic races, multiplayer races or enjoy numerous game modes. It has beautiful and smooth graphics even allowing you to experience weather effects.

If you like these games and you are addicted to speed and excitement, you should also try CSR Racing 2. (CSR Racing 2: Tips, Tricks and Few Strategies!)

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